Jun 20

First competition and a new tradition

So you all started the competition. We, the guides, had to sit and wait, but a lot of us followed the results on the ranking site. It was really exciting to watch it. Afterwards we had some lunch in the mensa. Hope you liked it and didn´t starve. Then, the groups had some  leisure time and could use the analysis mode in order to compare their answers. But our team (the Croatians) didn´t want to see the the correction. So we played “Tischkicker” in the Goethe Gallery. You can get the football at the information desk. You just need to give them 5 Euro but you get the money back when you return it.

Afterwards we went to the Schleicher Lake in the Paradise park. Some played more or less volleyball. Other ones tried to do slacklining but it´s pretty difficult. But you could see some improvement in the two hours.

The last point of the program was the VIP dinner at the Scala restaurant. We had a terrific panorama view of Jena (or some part of it). The food was wonderful. The Swiss noticed that they served an interesting unique sauce: the wight vine sauce – XD. All of us were happy about the tradition break. It was a lovely evening.