Jun 23

Rafting and rating

SO there was the last and the most important day of the CEOI 2014 in Jena. We started with a rafting tour on the river Saale. At first it was pretty cold. So it wasn’t too much fun of getting each other wet. But then we stopped for a break. Had some very bad grilled bratwurst. You can see that making a good thuringian bratwurst isn’t easy and needs a lot of practice. But we had some fun letting us spin around and playing some soccer. (The vest-team lost…). But while resting the sky cleared and the sun was shining. With this there were a lot of waterbattles. But the coolest part was when we played catch on the boats. All together we drove 16 kilometers.

And at 6 o’clock the important and sad part came: the closing and awards ceremony. There were a lot of speeches (again). The golden medals went to two Polish and two Romanian competitors. Congratulations!!! And of course to everyone else who won a medal. Well everything ended with a banquet which was empty really fast. Afterwards some teams celebrated a bit in the city center.

So now there is only one thing I can say: it was fun to meet you all. Wish you good luck in the International Olympiad. Let’s hope you’ve learned something here and that you liked and enjoyed the week in Jena.

Have a good and safe way back home.