Jun 22

Competition and freetime

Today there was the second competition day. And we followed again the ranking. It was interesting to see that the last task was difficult for everyone. But I liked a phrase in the cake task: Leopold likes to eat cakes and Molly to watch Leopold eating cake. After 5 hours of programming for you and 5 hours waiting for us we had lunchtime. And this is the saddest part. We had the second time in row pasta… So some went for a pizza or a burger instead.

So then you had your time for an analysis and then the most groups went off to the hostel. So we the guides had some freetime playing “Mau-Mau” or just driving the elevator in the GoeGa XD. A lot of us decided not to eat at the VegeTable. So I can only reference the chips and curry sausage at Fritz Mitte.

But the planetarium show “chaos and order” was amazing. I hope you liked it too.