The competition of CEOI 2014 will be held according to the usual rules of international olympiads in informatics: the contestants will face two contest exams, five hours each, to show their ability do develop efficient algorithms and implement them into error-free software.

The contests will be hosted by the faculty of mathematics and informatics of Jena University, generously offering two lab rooms with PCs plus server infrastructure.

Competition Environment

The hardware of the contestant computers is as follows:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 – 4770 (4×3.4 GHz, 8 MB Cache, Intel HD Grafik 4600)
  • Mainboard: Intel DQ87PG (Intel Q87 Chipsatz)
  • RAM: 8 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz
  • SSD 250 GB / HDD 500 GB
  • Monitor: 22“ (1680×1050)

The following software will be provided on the contestant computers:

  • Linux distribution: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Gnome Classic;
  • web browsers: Firefox;
  • editors/IDEs: joe, vim, kate, kwrite, eclipse-cdt, emacs, gedit, nano, scite, codeblocks, geany, kdevelop
  • compilers and interpreters: gcc 4.8, g++ 4.8, fpc 2.6, python 2.7.x, ruby 1.9.3
  • debuggers: gdb, ddd, valgrind
  • documentation for C/C++, STL (like here:

As contest system, we will use a variant of CMS, which has previously been used at IOIs 2012 and 2013.

Competition Rules

Notable changes from previous years’ rules If a contestant submits more than one solution for the same task, the last one counts. Either partial or full feedback may be enabled for some of the problems. Different compiler options and different versions of the operation system and the tools. C++ 11 is supported. Pascal is not …

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name country carnival fangorn question 007 cake wall total medal Andrei Heidelbacher ROU 100 100 100 93 100 30 523 G Michał Glapa POL 100 80 100 100 100 21 501 G Rareş Darius Buhai ROU 100 100 27 100 100 18 445 G Maciej Hołubowicz POL 100 100 33 100 100 0 433 G …

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Competition Day 1 Carnival task spoiler testcases Fangorn task spoiler testcases Question task spoiler testcases Competition Day 2 007 task spoiler testcases Cake task spoiler testcases Wall task spoiler testcases

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