Jun 19

Thursday – Practice, the city and the hosts

"Hanfried" at the marketplace

“Hanfried” at the marketplace

So today had a pretty stuffed schedule. We or better you started with the practice competition. I´ve heard that the tasks were challenging. So let’s hope that those of tomorrow will be interesting, too.  I think the food was eatable and even enjoyable what you can´t say about every cafeteria food. For example like the meals in our school. We might have good students, great teachers and fabulous equipment BUT the food is horrible!

City Church

City Church

So after lunch we had a tour through Jena. Our guides were students of the Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium. Till the opening ceremony we had some time. The groups did different stuff. Strangely we didn´t spend our time with our team (most of them kind of like to disappear…) so we joined the Hungarian team. We went down to the Saale river. This is one of the biggest rivers of Thuringia. In Jena it is 12 km long. There are a lot of castles which are situated on the Saale banks.

But the highlight of the day was the opening ceremony. It was lead by Sophia Mirtschink, another student of the Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium. There came a lot of people to talk to you. I was really surprised by the speech of the principal Dr. Müller. That was the first time we heard him talk in English. So an extra applause for him! He often includes number theories in his speeches, trying to find some specialties about the date or some thing like that, but sadly not this time.

Johannistor and tho old wall

Johannistor and tho old wall

Then the Thuringian minister of education Mr. Matschie welcomed you. And a lot of other people. But the most of you were interested in the mini presentation about social networks… I understand some bits of it but I´m not the computer genius here ;).  The introductions of the teams were very funny. You have a great humor, guys!

Best answers:

“Why do you like computer science? – Because so I can visit other countries.”

Great hats, Croatia. And thumbs up for the grandma who introduced her grandkid to programming. The genius lies in the blood…

I hope you all tried some bratwurst with mustard. It´s really sad that it started to rain. Let’s hope the weather will become better.

Tomorrow will be the first contest. Good luck to you all! Have fun. Let the games begin…


(Fotos will follow)