Jun 19


Thuringia I would compare more to the province XD. But of course there are some modern and advanced cities. For example Jena… It is a capital of science and education. The university counts about 25 thousands students as a big one. There are a lot of different study fields. If the internet doesn’t lie there are about 200. The scientist work on international projects (well, that’s what we were told). Leibniz, Max-Planck-Institute, the IPHT and a lot of other institutes are located here.

But now look on your camera lens. Some of them or even a lot of them are made by the Carl Zeiss company. And guess what? Jena is were where Carl Zeiss, a precision mechanic, founded his company. They produced microscopes. Later with the help of Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott they could made the first mathematical perfect lenses.
ZEISS is one of the supporters of the CEOI 2014.